About Us

Our History

The D’Agrosa family has been making pasta for 4 generations now. Since 1988 we have been doing it under the Bruno name. (That’s when we met Roy Bruno, Sr.) Roy had been a food service director with a staff of over 500, serving over 10,000 patients at Pilgrim State Hospital. He saw the need for high-quality, healthy, kosher  Italian foods and started Bruno Foods to do just that, 7 years earlier. Since then, the D’Agrosa family has grown Roy’s initial 5 products into a line of over 100 delicious meals. These include parve/vegetarian, Cholov Yisroel, and refrigerated pasta and entree products.


Our Quality

Our success has always been our strict adherence to quality, with no compromise. It doesn’t matter whether you bite into one of our gourmet or low-sodium or vegetarian products, you’ll know it was made with care and pride. Our lasagna, for instance has over 10 layers, with 4 types of cheese and strips of curly-edge lasagna made from semolina.



We’re a small company (about 25 people), but we’re experienced and good at what we do. Many of our people have been with us over 10 years, and some have been with us since the beginning! The caliber of our team is what allows us to produce such high quality meals, for so many customers.



In all of our products, we use only the best, all natural ingredients. In addition to using only kosher ingredients, we make our own sauce with no additives or starch binders. And we use up to 50% more ricotta and mozzarella cheese than our competitors.



In 1991, Bruno Foods moved into our current 10,000 square foot production facility. We gutted it and completely refurbished it with 3 full kitchens. It’s part of what allows us to make over 100 products in addition to 750,000 pounds of CN products and 150,000 meals per year for the NY Department of Corrections.

At Bruno Specialty Foods Inc., our expertise is based on quality and experience. We can pamper our most discerning customers by falling back on our years of experience in the culinary arts. We have many satisfied customers with both classical dishes as well as wide range of  trendy new specialties.