Our Kosher Certifications

About Our Kosher Certifications

We adhere to the strict kosher traditions according to halakha. Whether it’s our Bruno brand, our Bruno Cucina Bene line, our Gezunt Gourmet or even our private label, you can be assured it’s carefully supervised by the Orthodox Union and blessed. Various products fall under different classifications. These include:

            • OU-Dairy

            • OU-Cholov Yisroel

            • OU-Parve

            • OU-Glatt (Select Products)


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Kosher Food for Non-Kosher Kitchens

A while ago, we realized there was an important and growing need for kosher meals that could be heated and served from a non-kosher oven (including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, airlines and prisons). So we created a delicious line of 3-compartment, dual-ovenable, double-wrapped kosher meals with a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. [click here for product list]